Wheat Goddess.com
formerly Wheat Goddesses
(The former site was perfidiously shanghaied by an unscrupulous entity that scarfed up the domain name.  I refuse to pay ransom.)

Traditional and modern woven straw House Blessings, Love Knots, and HATS!(for both men and women).  Designs from around the world, from many eras.
And now, in 2013, the book you have all been waiting for! The Straw Art Companion:  Instructions, Projects, and History. By JeffreyPaul Jones, and Cora Hendershot! $30.00.  You really need this book!

To place an order, check out the designs, and either email me at wheatgoddesses@yahoo.com, or call me at 213-361-6754.
See us on Facebook as well:  Wheat Goddesses

HATS! for both men and women

Hats and bonnets from the 1500s and 1800s, plus wedding/ceremonial headware.  Custom orders welcomed.
Custome dye available;  call me at 213-361-6754 PST.
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